Here at Hannah's we take all health and safety very seriously. All therapists who work with Hannah's have completed a Barbicide® Covid-19 Certification Course. Along with this, all therapists will be wearing full PPE purchased from medically certified companies, as well as taking extra measures in cleaning all equipment in order to protect you and themselves at your appointment.


Below are the guidelines we are following with advice from the Government and WHO.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding your appointment please don't hesitate to get in touch.

  • Please complete and submit the new contact and disclaimer forms before making your appointment. ​These will be sent out once you have got in touch using the contact form via the website.

  • When booking your colour appointment, please let Hannah's know if you have any COVID-19 symptoms/tested positive since your last appointment. Even if you have had your hair coloured in the past with with no reactions, COVID-19 attacks your immune system and therefore you are at risk of having an allergic reaction. If you have had symptoms/tested positive, a patch test will be required no less than 48 hours before your appointment. There is a £10 fee for this of which £5 will be deducted off the final cost after your treatment.

  • Please be ready for your appointment. You will need a chair and the area will need to be clean and tidy. Appointments will only be able to be held in a downstairs living room or kitchen area unless you live in an upstairs flat. The therapist will need easy access to a sink area to wash their equipment so a kitchen would be best if possible.

  • When the therapist arrives, they will need to be able to easily access the room we will be working in. This is essential to avoid any unnecessary contact with other people living in your home or household items.

  • No other persons are to be present in the room at the time of the appointment, including children, unless they are having an appointment too.

  • No face to face discussions unless the 2 metre distance guideline is in place.

  • Masks must always be provided for yourself by you and worn at all times.

  • Appointments can be no longer than 4 hours. If you require a service that needs more time you will need to make 2 appointments. This may be avoided by not having a blow dry service. However, some styles may require one and we may need to make a second appointment last minute.

  • Please ensure your hair is washed and dried on the day of your appointment even if you are having a colour, unless advised otherwise.

  • If you have a colour treatment you will need to be able to wash your hair yourself to rinse the colour out.